We Organize Everything and Anything

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We Organize Everything and Anything.

Our range of services accommodate clients from all walks of life. From the straightforward to the extraordinary.

Our services are open ended for many reasons as we understand that every situation is unique and different. We create personalized plans to suit your needs and not ours. Our services are designed to reduce your cost and save you time by allowing you to offload your tasks onto someone that is detail oriented and able to multitask.

We handle your life emergencies, you get to choose whether you need help for a few hours or by the project. Our worldwide connections and resources will handle all your needs to exact specification. Essentially we fill in the gaps in almost every area of your life that needs attention.

Executive assistant
business events
Relocation Concierge
lifestyle concierge
virtual concierge
senior living concierge

vast expertise involved

Event Planning

Our event solutions are designed to deliver more than entertainment, more than luxury or elegant catering.

Quality Assurance

All our activities bring a superior class of service and attention to detail and that has become our signature.

Wide Range of Services

Events, parties, celebrations, engagement, fundraisers, retirement, receptions, funerals. Allow us to handle all the details.

Time Saving

If time means money and you are on the go, then calling Reston Concierge, may be the breakthrough you need.

Loved by Many

  • I decided to hire Reston Concierge when my parents health and mobility were taking a slow turn for the worse. I was three hours away from my parents and physically could not be there for them all the time. Reston Concierge used to come in on a “as needed basis”. Each time they would come over, they would jump in, assess the situation on that particular day and handle a task or errand that was needed – to just mention a few – grocery shopping, taking them to doctors appointments, cooking meals, doing laundry, light house keeping, to companionship. Reston Concierge allowed my parents to age, in-place, at their home. When my fathers health deteriorated and we needed to get hospice in, Reston Concierge continued to be a huge help, filing in on the non-medical aspects that Hospice could not offer. My father passed away recently and my mother is living with us. I value the relationship that was formed with Reston Concierge and continue to use them to help me out in caring for my mom. Their support allows me to care for both my children and mother and keep living my life.

  • I have the pleasure of knowing Maria! Her organization skills are impeccable. Have you ever had anyone plan your day as if it were you, arrange and co-ordinate your appointments, make a delicious meal for my family, filed my calls and help me meet my deadline. That is Reston Concierge. They are the company to go to for all your organization needs.

  • My family had a seemingly impossible emergency, where my senior parents had to move from their home of over 40 years in what amounted to a couple of weeks of work days. The task of facilitating everything necessary, on the ground, was physically impossible for one active person to perform, on such a compressed time schedule. It seemed impossible to accomplish sorting an entire colonial home and the various dispositions of material, despite the necessary and difficult assistance we required of somebody, to meet the time requirements of a major move. But the job was done, due to Maria’s personal and networked resources, working very hard to accomplish what I still have some wonder over what we, in fact, accomplished. The major tasks were also accomplished at a cost that was more than reasonable, Maria’s own organization and attention to no matter what the task, logistical tools and network available, not requiring her to contract costly outside services or a large team. About all that can be said, to sum it up, is that Maria and company are amazing, and she may someday make headlines, having moved a mountain!

  • THANK YOU FOR A SMASHING JOB WITH CLIENT RELOCATION. I would be WAY out of line if I did not take a moment to make sure and THANK YOU for doing such a wonderful job in getting their home ready for market. There is no way in the world my client would be able to market at this price point without the advance hard work that you and your team were able to accomplish, and I just wanted to be sure you know how much my team and I appreciate it!!

  • My first engagement with Maria was last October. I needed assistance in hosting/ chaperoning a teenage Halloween Party. She was exceptional – jumping right in without having to be given overly detailed instructions. Since then, Maria has helped with numerous task – cleaning/organizing my garage, closets, kitchen cupboards, etc. she oversaw and managed contractor (even getting multiple bids) building two closets. She’s most recently helped with my daughters while I was on business travel. Getting them up and out the door to school – pick up in afternoon, dinner, homework, occasional load of laundry etc. I have been very pleased with all services provide by Reston Concierge. Honestly, I haven’t had issues with services. Maria is a very good communicator and I’ve never had to overly explain to her. She gets it- she also organized my desk area – organized all my files etc. She definitely has helped me manage the family/life/work juggling! With no hesitation, I recommend RC. I will /am continuing to use the services.

  • I highly recommend Reston Concierge for their attention to detail, exceptional service and professionalism. I have used Reston Concierge for a variety of things. Their services are limitless. They helped with errands, organize and downsize my home and assist with day to day things that I simple do not have time for. I have used them for over a year now and they even helped me plan a trip to South Africa. Maria, the owner, is organized, knowledgeable and a delight to work with. Her rates are competitive and very reasonable.

  • I flew into DC from Chicago, found Maria at Reston Concierge to be exceptional. I needed presentations copied, picked up and delivered. She arranged dinners for my clients, she put together some small gifts and provided clerical services for my stay there. I recommend Reston concierge in the Washington DC area.


High Quality Concierge Services For All Your Needs

Our testimonials and previous projects speak for themselves. For more info, feel free to contact us!

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