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We pride ourselves in being known as a coach….

We work in a variety of areas to ensure that we offer a holistic approach for aging adults. We pride ourselves in being known as a coach. We are the “one call” that you need to make to ensure that all your senior needs and choices are taken care as they change. We understand that family members want to help, but distance and demands of their own lives make it hard for them to be involved on a regular basis. They need someone to stand in for them and advocate for their loved ones when conflicts arise.

Aging parents want to “age in place” which means staying in their home, their familiar and comfortable surroundings. Moving to independent living, assisted living or nursing home can be daunting, unfamiliar and pricey. Our Senior Care Manager’s help make living at home a dependable, affordable and safe option for as long as it is in the best interest of seniors.

We help seniors navigate so many areas:

Changes to Housing – Staying at home provides for a “familiar” quality of life for seniors, however, some changes needs to be made to residences, so as to prevent falls and accidents. We make suggestions to  eliminating obstacles like rugs, widening doorways, adding stairlifts, ramps, home security,  alert monitoring, lever door jams to facilitate mobility with a walker or wheelchair. Once these recommendations are accepted and agreed we help facilitate these changes with vetted professionals in the area to ensure the home is safe and in compliance. As senior needs change we help families evaluate current housing and facilitate the appropriate transitions from living at home to independent living facilities, memory care or hospice programs. We partner with staff at Senior Living  facilities to ensure the transition is well thought-out and proceeds calmly and smoothly.

Personal Care Services – Seniors often need additional help whether it is 4 hours a day or around the clock. We help determine the type of services that is needed. Aging parents are not comfortable with ‘just anyone’ coming into their home on a regular basis. We make sure the care giver has the right qualifications, is experienced and compatible with senior’s lifestyle. We monitor care-givers closely and continue to access current and future needs as they change. We assist with activities of daily living, respite care and balance care to suit routine.

Continuity of Care – We assist with co-ordinating services and care, while keeping family members informed of cost, resources and available options. We work closely with experts in the field , whether it is occupational and speech therapist, disease management professionals, specialist of in-home rehabilitation with regards to Dementia, Alzheimer’s and other critical care situations.

Rightsizing – As living conditions change and the need to downsize becomes inevitable. We will perform a detailed home inventory so that families can understand and manage the assets, with the goal of preserving families heirlooms . While doing this we will organize the home, declutter and start preparing home for Real Estate Agent and/or Estate Sales Specialist. Whether seniors have decided to move to a smaller apartment, move in with family, retirement community or assisted living community, you will need to plan and take action on your terms as opposed to when it is too late and you are forced to make a change.

Senior Moving Manager – We provide you with your very own experienced Move Manager who focuses on every aspect of your move. We coordinate through our network of Estate and Liquidating  specialist who can arrange for buy-out, estate sales and auction. Home assets inventory is prepared by  vetted professionals that are affordable, dependable, trustworthy. Taking an inventory early saves a lot of fighting and keeps heirs civil with each other after the fateful day.

New Home – We provide White Glove moving service. so that you are settled in your new home comfortable and have the best moving experience. Your personal Move Manager will pack and unpacking all your belongings that you have decided to take with you to your new home. We will sort, organize everything that needs to be moved into your new home. Beds will be made, all rooms unpacked and set up jut how you like them; electronics and TV, internet will be working from the moment you step into your new home.

End of Life – It is important that families discuss the “hard choices” of preparing for a dignified and peaceful end of life. We help guide families in this final chapter and ensure that they availible resources to be able to make the right emotional and spiritual choices. We asset with funeral pre-planning and planning for the fateful day. You only get to die once and we help easy the pain of this very difficult time by doing a life remembered right.

You are not alone, allow us to save you stress, time and money by calling us today for the additional support with your loved ones.

For all occasions
Whether you are coming or going, as moving managers we assist with all aspects of your move, both before you leave and after you arrive.
For all your chores
We do what you don't want to be bothered with, both inside and out side.
For all events
Events, parties, celebrations, engagement, fundraisers, retirement, receptions, funerals. Allow us to handle all the details.

Our Senior Care Manager’s help make living at home a dependable, affordable and safe option for as long as it is in the best interest of seniors.

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