Closet Organizing

An organized closet is one which will allow you to remix what you own into infinite cute and appropriate outfits, a closet that doesn’t scream “go shopping now!” at you every time you walk in. At Reston Concierge, the professional closet organizers are adept in making sure you can maximize all the items you have in that box, whether it be a vintage blazer or a brand new tank top.
The expert organizers of Reston Concierge do five things: purge, assess, organize, shop, and remix.
Step one is purging. This is the part where they go through your closet with a fine-tooth comb. Things that no longer fit, or are completely damaged, and haven’t been worn in the last year and a half will definitely go to the bin, either to throw out or give away.
Step two is assessing. After purging, the closet organizers of Reston Concierge do an inventory of all the items you have. This way, they’ll know for sure what else you need and what else you probably should have. If you’re closet lacks a little black dress, then they’ll list that down on the things you need to buy. They will also ask you if there’s a trend you want to try out. If you do, then they will put that under the want list, meaning, if you do have the money and you feel like owning the item, you can do so and it won’t hurt your working closet.
Step three is organizing. Another thing that the professional organizers of Reston Concierge specialize in, making sure that you can see ALL your items. This may involve a little bit of manual work as they may have to screw some things and install some cabinets. In this part, they will line up your pairs of shoes, roll up your shirts that do not need ironing, hang up your dresses, and even untangle your necklaces.
Step four is shopping. Remember that need list and want list? Take it out now as it’s time to go shopping. You may do this by yourself, but if you want further assistance, the professional organizers of Reston Concierge may come with you. Just remember that it’s always quality over quantity.
Step five is remixing. Now that you have all the items that you need and want, the professional organizers of Reston Concierge and yourself can start mixing and matching all your items. This is the part where you and the organizer make a plan: a week’s worth of outfit perhaps. Since you’re with a pro, you are free to ask their expert advice.
So if you and your closet need a little help, let the pros of Reston Concierge know. They can be reached through email, that’s, or you may call 703.717.2693.