Taking the Sting Out of Senior Downsizing

Great are the numbers of middle-aged professionals who can tell the story of their parents’ home, bursting with generations of purchases and memories, attics full of forgotten toys and enough dishes to serve the masses. This is a comforting thought and environment, especially for the seniors whose homes are truly so much a part of their lives and identity.

Despite all of the sentiment, there comes a time when we all must consider downsizing, to prepare for the day when a move might become necessary. Good choices can ensure this isn’t a stressful or sad experience. Downsizing is a lot like organizing one’s life, which can actually be very freeing and soothing in a time of change and uncertainty.

Relocate Many Items to Family ~ It’s hard to let go of things we love. But it’s easier when we pass these things on to the next generation. Keeping things in the family is almost like not getting rid of them at all. Spread the word among close family that elders are considering choosing some special items to share.
Focus on Space ~ Thinking of moving a large home into a small apartment or other new environment is daunting. Instead of looking at it that way, imagine your new kitchen or bedroom for example. Now go through your existing room and choose the items you really love or want, until you know that new space in your mind is full. Then walk away. Close the door and let kids and movers worry about the leftover. If you have no kids to help, there are actually people who do this for a living and will clean out an entire house for very low costs.
Now is Better Than Later ~ Even if you have no intention of moving or having a life change any time soon. The time will come. Being prepared and having a head start will only bring more peace and calm for everyone to the situation. The fact that nothing is pending means you can go through closets slowly without pressure or time constraints. This means no impulsive decisions and you’ll feel better about them for it.
Getting older is just another of life’s transitions with highs and lows. With careful planning, downsizing is just a small, insignificant piece.