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What We Do.

Our services are open ended for many reasons as we understand that every situation is unique and different. We personalized a plan to suit your needs and not ours.

Essentially we fill in the gaps in almost every area of your life that needs attention. Our gamet of services accommodate clients from all walks of life. From the sublime to the extraordinary.

Wide Range of Services

Daily Life – we organize everything and anything – attics, garages, basements, documents, paperwork, calendars, paying bills, refrigerator (including stocking).

Chores – We do what you don’t want to be bothered with, both inside and out side.

All Occasions – Events, parties, celebrations, engagement, fundraisers, retirement, receptions, funerals. Allow us to handle all the details.

Getaways – Weekends, vacations, out-of-town trips. We find you great places to go and while you’re away, we restart the cars, sort the mail, pay bills

Home Beautiful – We find vetted painters, plumbers. Tell us how your house should look like and we will make it happen. Your home is your sanctuary. We help make sure it is run effectively whether it involves improvements or maintenance.

Research – We will find you places to live, recommend doctors and dentists, colleges, business opportunity, places to sell or donate possessions. From eBay to Sotherby’s. What do you want to know?

Office Help – When you need some help while at work or at home, we will manage all the paper, scan it, sort it and electronically file it so that you can find it in a pinch. We will be your Executive Assistant when you need one fast.

Business-Hours Assistance – You need some personal help while at work? We allow you to meet your job deadlines, as we handle all your personal needs. While you work for your company, we will work for you.

Life Changes – Starting over or moving on, we are there to catch the pieces and get your life back in balance. Whether you are coming or going, our services will follow you. We are a one stop shop for all your needs and will even stand by you as your needs change.

Relocating – Moving, organizing, boxing, taping, labeling, shipping, finding movers, supervising contractors, turning utilities off or on, taking inventory, researching neighborhoods, property values,  business centers, transportation. When you are planning your move, call us and we help with all the details.

In-home Care – Non Medical Senior Care, pre or post surgery, new born assistance, house keeping. You want the best care for your loved ones. Call us and we will show  you that we care too.

Family Loss – Funeral arrangements, memorials, announcement, visitation, services, guest arrangements. We lower your stress so that you an focus on what is important at your time of grief.

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